Adrián Sada T. Hunting Awards

Due to its geography, Latin America is undoubtedly a region with a broad diversity in climates, habitats, cultures and, of course, wildlife. All of this richness, particularly the part regarding nature, offers a great opportunity for international hunters to develop a special interest in the region. As a result, many of them have created important collections of trophies native from the region. Based on this premise, Organizacion Vida Silvestre, A.C. (OVIS) and the Safari Club International, Monterrey Chapter, concluded that further attention had to be drawn to this region of the planet. For this reason, we are very proud to present the "Adrian Sada T. Hunting Award” for Latin American Big Game Species.

Born in Monterrey, Mexico, Don Adrian Sada Treviño (1920 – 2008) had a well-known reputation as international big game hunter, with irreproachable ethics in all aspects of his life. On his days, he worked intensively for world wildlife conservation with the natural charisma that made him a true friend of this cause and for its adherents. Hence, the sponsors of this project decided to name the Award after him, as a simple but sincere tribute to this great Latin American hunter and conservationist who received many awards in his hunting career, including the World Conservation and Hunting Award from SCI and the Weatherby Award.


The Adrian Sada T. Hunting Award is granted to honor the trajectory of international hunters in Latin America. The prize has three levels, allowing hunters to progress through each section as they increase their collection of Latin American species. The Adrian Sada T. Hunting Award is formed by a collection of three beautiful hand-crafted crystal sculptures, created with different techniques such a diamond-powered disc, sand blasting and acid bathing. When put together, the prizes form a larger and more impressive piece that resembles the image of the most recognized hunting species representative of Latin America.


SCI currently recognizes a total of 35 species in Latin America. The number of species required to reach the different levels of the ADRIAN SADA T HUNTING AWARD are, as follows:

  • 1st LEVEL: "White Lipped Pecari" RIFLE: 7 Species. BOW: 4 Species.

  • 2nd LEVEL: "Red Broquet Deer" RIFLE: 12 Species. BOW: 7 Species.

  • 3rd LEVEL: "Desert Bighorn Sheep" RIFLE: 16 Species. BOW: 11 Species.

Terms & Conditions

1. Interested hunters must be active members of the Safari Club International (SCI). 2. They must fill an application form and send it to the ADRIAN SADA T HUNTING AWARD Committee. 3. SCI Acceptance of a registered trophy listed by the Award will guarantee acceptance by the ADRIAN SADA T HUNTING AWARD Committee. 4. Trophies that were legally hunted but are currently restricted by regulations in their country of origin will be considered for the Award. Copy of the SCI record book entry form will be required, as well as the official SCI measurement, where it most be clearly stated that the trophy was legal at the time it was hunted. 5. Field photographs of the animal or photographs of the mounted trophy must be submitted. 6. The ADRIAN SADA T HUNTING AWARD Committee reserves the right to investigate the legal status of any trophy to be registered for the Award.

For further information, terms and conditions please visit: (USA P.469 732 8194) Or (MEX P.+52 81 8863 1563).